U6-U8 League Information

Miami Dade Soccer League 

2019-20 Recreational Season

Registration open for U6 and U8 boys and girls

Starting Date:     Sunday, September 22, 2019  

Ending Date:        Sunday, November 10, 2019 (including championship games)

Registration Deadline:          September 1, 2019                       

Team Registration Fees: $ 200.00 (Includes field rental)

All games will be played on a Sunday at Soccer5 fields located at Kendall Soccer Park.

NUMBER OF GAMES: Five games with the possibility of additional championship games.

Team Registration Link: https://elements.demosphere-secure.com/scripts/runisa.dll?M2:gp::73684+Elements/DisplayS+E+79824+App/+++96884591

Referee Fees: (not included on team registration)


Age Group

Per Team\Game

Referee Split






  • U6-U8 (Playing 4 v 4)
  • We will be using a single referee.
  • The season will consist of 5 games with the possibility of additional games for teams qualifying to playoffs. 
  • Team registrations must be submitted online.Payment can be made via credit card.
  • Team roster to a maximum of 8 players.

For further information contact us via email to: Daniel@miamidadesoccerleague.com

All team registrations with the proper fee must be submitted by September 1, 2019

Team Registration link: https://elements.demosphere-secure.com/scripts/runisa.dll?M2:gp::73684+Elements/DisplayS+E+79824+App/+++96884591

Coaches that coach more than one team need to make sure that the coach information is the same for all the team registrations. The scheduling system will take that into consideration when making the schedule to eliminate any conflicts.